Lawyer to Peacemaker -Part 2 - A Mantra From My Heart

March 3, 2018



My Hero’s Journey began with a question.


That question was "What is your core value"?


It went straight to the core of my being and answered “Peacemaker”.


 In that moment I knew myself for the first time.  It confirmed what I had expected.    


It was a calling.  My heart was calling.  That call awakened me to what I really am.  I am my heart qualities.  I love those qualities and I want to keep going back to them.


Over the weeks I followed the path of that experience.  I wrote down the steps I had taken and what my heart told me to maintain the view.  


It spelled out a mantra:  CALM MIND


Called by our inner qualities

Awakened to who we really are

Love is the connection to those qualities

Motivation is the result


To maintain we need:


Mindfulness to remember

Integration into all of our life and work

Not doing but BEING

Discipline to be our authentic selves


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