What is the Power of Peace?

March 28, 2018


The Power of Peace is authentic power.  

It comes from our Higher Self.

We know our Higher Self when we are in our hearts and living in our heart qualities.  


That is a place of true power.

We assess our level of power by internal measure.

It’s an inside job.


Inauthentic power is when we come from a place of competition and comparison. 

We judge ourselves by external measures like rank, status, level of income, professional degrees.  

Those standards are fleeting and don’t give us true satisfaction.


Divorcing couples are often in power struggles that lead to impasse.  

As professionals we can join in the battle.

Or we can step back and try to help them see what's going on.


We also get into our own power struggles.

We know we are right and “they” are wrong.  

How does this feel? Not good in any sustained way.


We can ask ourselves if “being right” will make us empowered.  

And how the process to get to there makes us feel.

If we’re honest, the answer is negative, hollow and unsatisfactory.


What is true power, how do we get it and what does it do for us?  

I believe true power is built by conscious choices to hold our own in the face of fear.  

Not to unconsciously react.

To be grounded in our core values and heart space no matter what is in front of us.


This is what builds muscle and ultimate power.

It’s measured internally.

It’s incremental.



Are we a little better than we were yesterday?  

Ultimately progress leads to self worth, self love and joy.

That’s authentic power.


Conflict sets up the circumstance where we can build and flex that muscle.

 It gives us an opportunity to choose love, not fear.

Love of ourselves and trust in the love that is the essence of everything.  


Does this mean we just roll over?  

Not at all.



It means we take a minute, come back to neutral and make a conscious choice about our next move.  

We make sure our choice is not coming from fear, jealousy, anger, anxiety.

The choice is made from a place of inner peace.  


Each time we do that we build muscle and strength by internal measure.

Our self esteem increases.

We begin to heal.


That’s the Power of Peace.



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