Skills for Peacemaking - Finding and Working from our Highest Selves

March 17, 2018


For the professional and the clients it’s important to drop into the heart space and operate from heart qualities in order to have a good experience and outcome in divorce or any type of dispute resolution.


It’s from the strength of the heart that peaceful resolution is possible.


These skills need to be developed for families in distress.  You can provide these skills for yourself with some direction and practice.  


And it’s never too early to start.  In fact if you are well along in the process of connecting with your heart and working with the heart frequencies of acceptance, forgiveness, creativity, dignity, ease and courage, you will be empowered to have a good divorce that meets the goals of fairness, the least possible damage and efficiency in terms of time, money and heartache.   


This all adds up to finding our higher selves.  That’s the part of ourselves which is more relaxed and less fearful. A good way to find that part of ourselves is through meditation or taking time to exercise, be in nature, doing something you love.


Even remembering what it feels like to be doing those things or having those experiences can help in handling the emotions and experiences of divorce. Take good care of yourself. This goes for inside and outside of the negotiating space.


Taking care of yourself inside the negotiation space requires taking time before the procedure to figure out what is really important to you, what you must have from this process to move forward into your future as you envision it.  If you had those things, how would it feel? Sit with that and ideas will come about how that picture will manifest in your life. It’s the law of physics.


The professionals and the families all do this.  It creates a safe container. Then we use our skills and become mindful when we veer from our highest selves.  We are also reminded by each other. We are all in this together. We can keep the peace if we are all accountable.  This is the best way to make good decisions.




What are the skills and what does each mean in this context?


In the following blogs we’ll talk about Negotiation, Advocacy, Creativity, Neutrality and Teamwork.

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