Skill for Peacemaking - Neutrality

March 21, 2018



Neutrality is a most helpful tool for what is ahead.


What do I mean by neutrality?


Dropping into the heart and finding neutral.  


Resting, ease, no impulse one way or the other.


When we’re in neutral, we have a choice in how we respond.  


That’s real freedom, not be pushed around by anger and habit energy.



This is where we can be creative.


We can choose peace.


How do we access that place of neutral?


By bringing our attention from the head to the heart and breathing through that space.


When our mind takes over, gently bringing our attention back to the heart.


It can be done in any moment.


Whenever we remember.


We can build capacity for this by meditating for longer periods of time.


This power of peace is within us and available to us at any time.


It’s ours and it’s unconditional.


All it takes is the breath of life.


And presence.


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