Skill for Peacemaking - Coaching

March 24, 2018





Dispute resolution is the path to freedom.



The road from conflict to peace.



Recovery from conflict.


The path begins with a vision, goals plus the expectation of setbacks, doubts and other obstacles.


It helps to have a coach who knows the path and can normalize the obstacles with positive encouragement and reminders.


It’s the Hero’s Journey.


The coach’s job is to enhearten, to awaken the heart.


 Heart is the core ingredient for success and shifting into a new way of operating.


Everyone has heart.


 It’s sometimes suppressed, especially in times of hurt, sadness and struggle.  


It can be recovered with its’ many virtues unveiled.


The heart melts, opens and reveals itself.


The more heart, the more meaning.


We’re making the paradigm shift to view life through the lens of the heart.



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