Lawyers Are Caregivers - Who Knew?

March 12, 2018

Lawyers are caregivers.  We coach, teach, listen and guide.

Who knew?



My heart breaks and opens with the tone, the grief, the stories, the pain.

All I want to do is give hope for a better future.


To bring them together to grow apart and be autonomous again.

We shepherd through the pain to begin to rebuild lives.


They don’t teach this in law school. They don’t teach compassion.

It can be taught.  Heart connection can be engendered.  There are tools for this.


What I can do is find coherence for myself and offer it to others.  I can organize their materials and make things clear to them - what they have and what they can do.


Coherence can always be offered - align with purpose and integrity. It’s the tool for everything.  If we are real with ourselves and come from that place, everything will be ok.


Today parents crying, grieving, couldn’t even talk - and their kids are confused about where they will spend Christmas. Told the parents they have to pull themselves together for their children. Get a grip on the grief. It’s a process and passes.


Process so you can be there for the children. Get coherent. Love yourself. Come back to the heart, the breath and love yourself.


It takes practices and discipline.  It is a practice.  It's never perfect.


Work with someone who can show you peace is possible.




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