Lawyer to Peacemaker Part 8- The Promise of Peacemaking

March 11, 2018

Let’s Talk About Spirit and the Law


I have been where you are.


Like you, I came to the place where I knew I had to change.


I had identified the next step as “being” rather than “doing.”


I had sought transformation and been exposed to techniques that brought me to that view.


But then I was blocked by the fear of using words to express it, of rejection, not being taken seriously, not getting clients, jokes about Kumbaya – not able to step out and be who I really am.


I began to doubt myself and lose faith.


That happened regularly.  


I knew it in my head but I didn’t totally believe it at a cellular level.


I recognize this fear and doubt also gets in the way of other attorneys and their clients fully engaging in peacemaking as their profession and the basis for settling disputes.


What I now know is we are energetic beings with the power to connect to higher sources of energy, intelligence and love.


Once we make that connection, we can see ourselves and others in our true nature – abundance, joy, confidence


It takes courage and confidence to talk about this.  However, in our being we understand it and know it to be true.


 If we acknowledge rather than fear it we will be

more effective in enabling transformation for ourselves and attracting the clients who want and will benefit from the same.


We can thereby replicate the practice and the power of Enlightenment, making it a movement.



That's the promise of Peacemaking.


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