Lawyer to Peacemaker Part 7- The Essence of the Hero’s Journey

March 10, 2018

The Mentor


The path is pointed out by a mentor, whether it’s Woody Mosten or Obi-Wan Kenobi. Following the path is encountering expected obstacles and having tools to process them.  We derail and get back on the path, always keeping our purpose in view as our North Star.


Dragon Slayers


Those obstacles are a lifetime of coping mechanisms we thought might have protected us in the past.  They are outdated now that we have identified our real purpose in life and committed to moving towards that purpose without hesitation and without giving up.  That’s possible because we are inspired by our heart.


Tools and Teachers


There are many tools to apply. If you are on the path with determination and receptivity, the tools and the teachers will come to you.


Mastery and Mentorship


Once you have mastered those tools and techniques, then you are able to mentor others by behavior, responses and way of being.  Beyond that you can teach others how to use the same or their own heart centered tools to get where they want to go.


Maturation, Transformation, Paradigm Shift


This is my goal for myself and others.  We can transform the law and the way people respond in conflict.  We can change the world. 


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