Lawyer to Peacemaker Part 6 - What is the Hero's Journey?

March 9, 2018

The Path


The path of the Hero's Journey is to find our life purpose, leave old routines and enter into new territory where challenges come to our attention.


Those challenges, like habits, behaviors and circumstances, derail us.  We meet those challenges so we can move on towards our life purpose, which is always out there in front of us.


Meeting and clearing those challenges results in new and healthier responses, life styles, understandings, pursuits and skills.  We are transformed, gain mastery and bring forth the power of being.

Core Value and Heart Qualities 

First we identify our core value.  That is unique for each of us and brings us to our heart.


Once in our hearts we know the heart qualities that truly define us, maybe for the first time.  They have lain hidden under all of the behaviors, habits and ways of thinking we have unconsciously adopted to make our way in the world.  That is, before we knew any better.

The Heart Serves Us 

The heart is the engine that will propel us towards our goals.


It’s in the heart where we find our true and essential qualities.


It’s the heart that is our source of inspiration.


It speaks to us through intuition, in words of wisdom to keep us on the path to our goal. It’s an amazing unit. So glad we found it.


The Purpose of the Journey 

The path of our Hero’s Journey is to identify and process the impediments to our progress towards our goal.  This is the inner work, the transformation that makes success of a business, a marriage, a divorce, a life. It’s a universal and time honored path of transformation.

Slaying Dragons 

The elements of the journey are the goal, the path and slaying dragons along the way.  We have obstacles, most of which we raise ourselves. Doubts, judgments, limiting beliefs.  These are all obstacles to be overcome.


It’s a sequence of things we notice get in the way of positive belief in ourselves and our process.  We have to examine those beliefs and attitudes and exchange them for more positive ones.


The Truth of Peace and Abundance


We know in the quiet moments when we connect with our hearts that the truth of existence is peace and abundance.  But unless we apply tools that bring us back to that view, we won’t really believe it.


It's an attitude of gratitude that creates abundance.  





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