Lawyer to Peacemaker Part 5 - Harnessing the Energy of Our Heart and Its Qualities

March 8, 2018

What Do We Do With This Connection to our Heart and Heart Qualities?

My mentor, Woody Mosten, says we harness the energies of our core purpose and our strengths and decide how we are going to serve.


Then we express it.  He calls this creating our Peacemaking Signature.


Peacemaking Signature

A Peacemaking Signature is everything about how we want to be in the world.


The work we do, how we do it and the attitudes and essences we bring to it.


It’s about the type of work, the processes, the tools we use and what part of ourselves we bring to that work.


The Heart Qualities We Draw On

For Peacemaking it’s obvious we need to be of peace ourselves, so we draw on that strength from the heart.


We also need to have courage to try something new.


To be successful we need good relationships with clients, other professionals and the public.


We need to listen, be understanding and be assertive as and when appropriate.


Other heart qualities of Peacemakers would be neutrality, to be able to hold contrary thoughts, be comfortable with cognitive dissonance, not judgmental, to hold space.


We need confidence in ourselves, the processes and the ability of the clients to learn and grow.


We need discernment, to hold multiple perspectives, notice the heart frequencies that are helpful in the moment and call on them.


We have to learn to listen and relate back the essence of what we hear from others in a way that makes them see their own beauty, dignity and capability.


Peacemaker's Influence


We want to have a calming influence beginning with the website, the initial calls and consultations, the meetings, the writings, the environment and the way in which we work.  


We help clients discover their interests and express them.


We help them put up goals, find core values and anticipate obstacles with the confidence they will be able to conquer them.


We seek to educate, guide, coach and, most importantly, empower clients to witness and experience their own heart qualities and strengths.


This is what Peacemakers do.




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