Lawyer to Peacemaker Part 4 - Heart Qualities

March 6, 2018




When we go to our hearts we are reminded of who we are.


We are the qualities we find in our hearts.  We experience them when we quiet our minds and are present with what is.


We all know what it feels like when we have that moment of open space.  




The practices to get there are simple.


They don’t require expensive travel, a warm locale or yearly vacation time.  It’s a momentary vacation available any time, without special trappings.


We can access this dimension naturally.  It's who we are.


That’s where we will be happy and successful for ourselves and in all our relationships and tasks.




Here's how you find them:


Stop. Close your eyes. Breathe.  Go to your heart.  Rest there. 


Notice what comes up for you.

  • Stress?  Go deeper.
  • To Do List?  Go deeper.
  • Conflict?  Go deeper.
  • Fear?  Go deeper.


At the Bottom Is Always Love and Peace


You will get down to love and peace if you give yourself time and space to go deeper.


Even if it's only in a moment, you have the choice to respond rather than react to someone or something.


It takes practice.


Try it.


What are other heart qualities you experience?


Write them down.




With the Mantra - Calm Mind- you will get to your heart, witness the qualities and commit to holding on to them if even for that brief moment of choice.



Called by our inner qualities

Awakened to who we really are

Love is the connection to those qualities

Motivation is the result


To maintain we need:


Mindfulness to remember

Integration into all of our life and work

Not doing but BEING

Discipline to be our authentic selves





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