Lawyer to Peacemaker Part 1 - A Hero's Journey To The Heart

February 25, 2018





Many lawyers in the world are making a difference for peace. They took the Hero's Journey.  



The Hero’s Journey begins with an idea, a need, a yearning and following that like a beam of light.


 It takes you to your heart.


 It’s a calling.


 You answer.


 You go to it.


It feels good.


 Comfortable, loving, welcoming, peaceful, wise, enveloping.


 You know that feeling.


You’ve felt it before in meditation, a walk in the woods, a moment of insight. 


 You want more.


 You turn around and go back.


 The motion of spinning time and again causes a whirring of energy, motivation, an unstoppable urge to keep going.


 It becomes a vortex of creativity, focus and drive.


You go deeper.


You radiate further. 


 You fall in love with yourself.


 You see where you’ve been.


You know what you can bring to the world.


 It propels you on your journey.  


You are in alignment, connected to an infinite energy source.



That’s how it started for me at a Peacemaking training taught by Forrest "Woody" Mosten. 



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