How Does Peacemaking Work?

September 17, 2020

Addressing the Fear and Finding Your Higher Self  

  • In every moment you can find a place of peace.  These are the steps:



        Find a peaceful place inside yourself and stay there for a while, a few moments or longer.


        Then, ask yourself what is the next best thing to do or say?


        Know that the peaceful place you find is in your heart and that it’s love. First and foremost it’s love for yourself in a space of protection, appreciation and promise.   


  • In a Mediation or Collaborative Process. The steps:  

Have a peaceful external environment, if possible.  Search for a place within yourself that is open and non-judgmental.  Relax the nervous system and be open to what is, without attachment to the outcome.  No one is going to tell you what to do.  This is a personal process between yourself and your partner.


Have neutral, honest information offered and received without struggle by open, honest disclosure and transparency.  There is nothing and no reason to hide.  That information will be organized and explained in a way that you understand and embody it.


The combination of a quiet/open mind and good information is the best way to access higher wisdom, heart wisdom, or what I call “common sense.” Then you can look at options and make decisions that are right at all levels of the issue - fair, durable, coherent and workable.


These decisions come from a place of abundance, not scarcity.  Abundance looks at all aspects, including energetic.  At a material level it may feel like choices are limited. In a place of higher consciousness, options are more generous and complete because they come from a place of heart qualities, like peace rather than anxiety, compassion rather than fear, understanding rather than hurt, appreciation rather than anger. It comes from a positive attitude and anticipation of change done well, transformation with love.  It’s not a romantic love.  It’s a love of life, of living and transforming and changing, being flexible and confident, without fear and with hope.

  •  In business and other aspects of life: 

Higher consciousness improves all aspects of your life including your health, relationships, your business, way of working and the social and cultural background where it all takes place.  It’s changes in perception that change your life entirely for the better.  Everything looks different.


There is a stage of opening the mind to a higher reality - your higher self, a place to operate in peace, cooperation and collaboration for natural changes and evolution.


This is where all conflict resolution takes place - conflict within ourselves or the outside world.  That includes the current challenges of racism, climate change, politics and governing.  It is not competition but collaboration for a better future.


Answers come more easily because they come from heart intuition, a balanced nervous system, coherent flow, unobstructed by negative emotions - a place of neutrality.  This is a place of higher frequency than that in which the problem was created.


How do you get to that space called higher consciousness?  Through meditation and quieting the mind.  It could be in nature but has to be quiet enough in thought and physical activity to be able to distinguish “thinking” from “being.”  You have to be able to notice the difference, and when you are thinking, to be able to identify it as such and then let it go.  It takes focus.  It’s not possible while multitasking.  It takes concentration. Devoting time to this is valuable.  When you strengthen this muscle and raise your baseline through practice, you can do it more automatically and while you are doing something else - everything else.  But that takes practice and regular refreshers through a daily practice of some length of time until enlightened, which means until forever.


It can also happen in an instant.  That’s how it happened for me twice - once when my father died and once in a legal training on peacemaking.  It’s explained in my book at the end of this website.


William Ury calls it “going to the balcony.”  It’s for objective observation from the 40.000 foot view.  But it’s also a space of neutrality and infinite possibility, high energy spawning creativity found deep within one-self.


We can get there in moments, in times of crisis, to make decisions or make change.  It has infinite possibilities and is a necessary step for sorting through and dealing with  complexity.


  • I apply higher consciousness to my mediation practice using these steps: 

I work at staying open, have meditated for 30 years and studied consciousness for that period of time. I am a trainer/coach/mentor in HeartMath** and have learned tools to help others get to this place. (**HeartMath is a registered trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc.)


The processes of mediation and Collaborative law are based on higher consciousness as a central theme and major part of the process.  There is a time after information gathering where we help people vision their futures and think about what is really important to them.  It naturally includes their purpose in life and is often the first time they’ve explored that. They share common and individual themes, visions and purpose.


Then coaching in the same spirit in coming up with options and analysis and decisions - all in a peaceful setting.


Necessary changes in our world need the same process - space to process at a higher frequency.  Some people are already doing it.  They will be the real change makers.


In that sacred space, possibilities are infinite and instantaneous.  Outcomes are not based on brain alone but on heart intuition and energy working together guided by a higher power within ourselves or from God, however you see it.



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